Clutch Clutch issue/ brass stopper?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Napper9606, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Napper9606

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    Hello everyone just wanted to get a couple opinions on my clutch. Recently my brass stopper kept sliding off and my clutch pin wasnt working. Found out I had stripped the stopper lucky I had an extra one.

    But I noticed that ill put the stopper on as tight as I can and ill run the bike. When I have the clutch pulled in with my hand its fine but when I use the stopper and put my bike on the standing kickstand and give it low throttle tird doesnt move. If I give it half throttle tire moves a little. Must mean clutch engaged a little? Havent messed with.the clutch nut yet but is that something I can adjust.on clutch nut so it engages earlier? Seems like I need to push lever a little far too disengage. Also on brass stopper was thinking bout putting litle screw in other end to hold it in place better. Thoughts??

  2. Greg58

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    What I do is start with the adjuster at the clutch handle run all the way in then adjust the cable lock so the clutch disengages, then use the adjuster at the handle to get the lock to work.
  3. Napper9606

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    But what im wonderin is can I adjust the clutch nut so I dont have to pull the clutch handle as far?
  4. crassius

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    a 2nd screw wouldn't hurt, and I like to use a metric screw with a 3mm allen head for the adjustment screw to make the whole process easier

    once the cable slack is right, then you set the lock and adjust the flower-nut (or star-nut) - you want to set that so the clutch is completely free at the lock position

    I've seen some setups in which the position of the lock is too close to the released position, such that when adjusted to be free spinning you end up with a slipping clutch when it should be engaged - in that case, you often need to get a new lever or play with the internal clutch spring adjustment.
  5. Greg58

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    You will have to adjust the flower nut to get the clutch to do that.