Clutch Issue (Pics For Troubleshooting)

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Illumin, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Illumin

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    Hey everyone, so I've recently started having problems with my clutch, at least I think It's the clutch, Engine cranks, at low speeds it's tugging and jerking pretty hard. And the clutch feels a lot different now too, like releasing, and engaging, So I saw that my clutch plate was slightly crooked, and the cheap screws were rattling out from the vibration. So I decided to take the cover off and check it out, and this is what I find, not sure if this is normal or what, but you can clearly see some metal has either broke off or chipped off. Is this the way it's suppose to look? If not, is it as easy as just replacing that swing arm for the clutch? 20131103_111310.jpg 20131103_111320.jpg 20131103_111329.jpg 20131103_111340.jpg

  2. crassius

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    your chain is chewing on your drive cover - shouldn't hurt anything, but I like to remove a bit of metal off that cover till it runs clean

    the clutch will not feel right until you get those screws really tight
  3. Illumin

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    I threw it all back together, and went for a ride just a minute ago, it almost feels like the clutch isn't fully engaging. But I've tried adjusting the tension and the swing arm. It's hard to explain what it's doing, but it's not right and just started recently. It's like when you first start the bike it kinda tugs and jerks a bit, until you gain some speed then it's smooths out. But what I'm experiencing is, you gain some speed, and then it starts pulling and tugging. Again what I've tried is, I've adjusted the tension in the cable, that didn't work, I tried loosening the cable and readjusting the swing arm to where it was all the way out, then I tightened it. That didn't work, so not sure what my next move is, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. SuperDave

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    Have you checked the sprocket alignment? When I 1st built my bike, I didn't tighten the rag joint properly, & it exhibited similar symptoms.

    Go buy yourself some quality grade 5 allen bolts to replace the cheap chinese junk they come with, and some loctite. 2 strokes vibrate bad enough to make nuts & bolts rattle loose.
  5. crassius

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    also, look on the board for info about adjusting the flower nut
  6. HeadSmess

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    adjustment points. one, the arm on the case.
    two, the flower nut under the main clutch cover.
    three clutch spring, internal, that, with some thought, can be adjusted without dismantling the engine.

    start with arm. you want it basically parallel when it starts disengaging clutch.

    then the flower nut. you only need the outer plate to release 1-2mm, any more is just a waste of cable and arm movements.

    if its slipping still at this point, the springs too loose. if you remove that "stud" that holds the outer clutch cable... shine in a torch... youll see a nut inside. turn one way increases spring tension/clutch pressure, turn other way loosens everything. (or just remove output sprocket and push whole shaft out the other side and adjust on the bench)

    all this pulling and tugging but...hard to say, but sounds like chain/sprocket issues to me. normally the clutch slips...or it doesnt :)

    therell always be some jerking at low speeds, of course...
  7. Illumin

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    Another Update. I pulled off this plate, and noticed when you spin the wheel when the clutch is Engaged, the big sprocket is offset, as you can see in the pic there's more space on the bottom then the top. And I seen what looked to be some dirt or metal not sure what it was, anyways is this normal? I was thinking of pulling it off and checking out what's going on behind the scenes. Anything look suspicious here? Thanks again for all the advice.

    20131104_043721.jpg 20131104_043741.jpg 20131104_043825.jpg