Clutch issues on 49cc slant head


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May 21, 2008

I just finished installing the 49cc slant head motor kit on my moon dog bike and I love it! Bought it off ebay for pretty cheap -
link here

But I do have one issue, the clutch doesnt operate the way it should. When the clutch is pressed in it should press in the steel bullet and force the pessure plate off the clutch - but the little bullet (or rod) doesnt push out the pressure plate so the clutch is always engaged. I tried loosening the nut on the pressure plate but it still wont lift off when pressing in the clutch or trying to press on the metal bullet rod thingy to make the pressure plate come off and disengage the clutch...

I've managed to get by quite fine by pedal starting the bike but I would really appreciate if anyone knows how I can go about fixing something like this cause it sure would be nice to pedal up to speed and start the motor or just coast with the motor off while going down hill...

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it doesnt disengage even when moving the clutch lever by hand... the rod just wont go in its like something is restricting it from pushing the pressure plate off even if loosening up the pressure plate bolt...
It is possible that your missing the single ball bearing that goes between your clutch actuating pin and the clutch plate. Pull your actuating pin and see if there is a ball in there.

Ya, you need to fix that for sure instead of rideing it around with no clutch that is just plain crazy. What about the clover nut being too tight. Are you that same guy who had it on Youtube?
I see the ball bearing and it looks decent, not damaged or anything... I tried loosening up the pressure plate nut and still no movement when engaging the 'activating pin'

Nope, I dont have anything up on youtube.

I'm lost :(