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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by NineDeuce, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. NineDeuce

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    hi everyone, i've been having some clutch problems on a kit i just installed

    the clutch was making a weird squealing noise, so i adjusted it since i figured it was slipping. But even after i adjusted it it made the noise and seemed to be losing clamping power.

    I just got back from a test run and it wont' even turn the engine over when it's fully engaged

    I popped off the side cover and found a handful of ball bearings sitting in the bottom of the case. And the center cover isn't concentric with the outter gear. There's a small gap between the two on the top.

    Where did the bearings come from and how can i fix this?


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    there is a thread that relates to this.. not sure where.. but i think it involves rebuilding the clutch....

    sorry to hear about that
  3. NineDeuce

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    ok, so i completely disassembled the clutch...inspected everything, and reinstalled all the balls that fell out before

    I cranked down the preload on the pressure plate until it wouldn't slip anymore.

    Everything was going great....or so i thought until after about 10min of riding the clutch starts acting weird and making strange sounds

    Pop the cover off and all the balls came out again!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else have this problem? It seems like there might be a manufacturign defect where the I.D. of the drive gear is too big, or the balls are too small, etc....

    Any ideas?
  4. NineDeuce

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    After looking at the exploded views of the clutch and playing around with the pieces i'm wondering if the gear was mounted backwards. I doubt it, but want to make sure


    the way it came, the flat side of the gear/clutch was up against the flat plate that sits next to the engine, while the "pressure plate" fit into the concave part. Is this correct? (basically, from the picture, the gear was picked up and placed onto the plate to its left)
  5. NineDeuce

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    any ideas?
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Your clutch seems to be broken
    The bearing freewheel to the left should not be able to be
    removed from the Gear in the middle without disassembly

    I have a few here as whole units and have never needed to take
    one apart
    Not quite sure what holds them together.....

    Does the inner ring on the middle gear thread on?
    it looks like a press fit from your pic???

    How loose is the fit between the 2 pieces?

    Anyway, that is why your balls keep falling out

    There are 3 holes in the back of the freewheel assembly on the left
    where you can see the ball bearings and squirt a little grease in to
    lube them even when it is all assembled

    Don't use too thin a grease or too much or you will get it on the
    dry clutch pads
    Do NOT use oil
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  7. NineDeuce

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    Here's what the whole assembly looks like. The smaller ring presses onto the hub piece. The balls sit between the gear piece and the pressed on piece.

    My only hunch is that the gear was manufactured out of tolerance and it's too big. I can exchange it for a new one...but i'd like to know if that's the problem before i wait over a week to get a new one

  8. NineDeuce

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    well after repacking the's obvious to me why it keeps were right forbisher.

    There's nothing to keep the bearing from coming unpressed. The press fit isn't very tight, and the pressure plate floats off the clutch, so there's a gap for the inner ring to just pop off and spill its guts. I suppose i could put some epoxy on it and see if it lasts. Has anyone else had a sloppy bearing fit?

    Any sugggestions on how i could keep it on? Or should i just exchange the thing?
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  9. MotorBicycleRacing

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    A: I am always right
    except when i am wrong :devilish:

    Who did you buy this kit from?
    what kind of motor is it?

    Exchange the **** thing! :grin5:
    only gonna give you more problems no matter how you mickey mouse it!......

    But of course I have the luxury of having lots of parts so i don't have to wait (usually)

    Very nice pics by the way :grin5:
    I was wondering how it came apart but my # 1 rule is if it
    isn't broke don't **** with it! :grin5:
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  10. NineDeuce

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    well i put some epoxy on it and it's been good for the last 20 min i've been riding it.

    I'll probably exchange it anyways....after a few redline clutch drops ;) jk

    thanks for the help man!