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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wolfter, Sep 3, 2013.

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    I really appreciate reading all the wisdom here and have gained a lot of knowledge. I bought a ready built bike last summer from someone who had no clue and it was a piece of crap. I used it as a learning experience to garner quite a bit of knowledge and become versed in the workings. Since that motor had so many issues, I upgraded to the Skyhawk 66cc kit. I started from scratch and everything has worked great for several. Always started on the first shot and everything. As I attempted to ride this morning, it cranked and started but immediately would not engage. I can even pedal with the clutch disengaged. There's obviously some sort of slippage, but I haven't figured out if there's an adjustment. I'm certain everything is attached correctly as far as arm, play and tension. Again, would appreciate any wisdom is there's an adjustment.

  2. crassius

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    is your chain still there?

    sorry, couldn't resist : )

    I'd open both the drive cover & clutch cover and look for where the movement stops when rolling the bike with clutch engaged.
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    remove clutch cover, see flower shaped(vaguely) nut in centre of clutch plate.

    remove small screw that stops it rotating.

    pull lever, and you should be able to turn flower nut in clockwise to tighten. by hand.

    if you need a spanner somethings wrong.

    check that cables adjusted nicely first. bypass cable and try using just lever on top of motor to determine if its the cable or the clutch.

    line notch in flower back up with suitable hole and reinsert small screw.

    you want the clutch plate to lift about 1mm or a 1/16...

    also. whats the tension on the lever like? you may need to pop out the clutch shaft and tighten up the pressure spring. obvious how it works when you have it in front of you ;)
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    I'm sure it's not the correct terminology, but the shear pin broke not allowing the cog to conn ect (obviously). This is the 2nd time I've replaced it and this time I made my own instead of paying ridiculous shipping on such a small order. I made it just a tad oversized and it took some convincing to go back on.

    Thanks again. One question though, what is the screw that was mentioned that stops it from turning?
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    woodruff key ;) if you mean the lil semi circle shaped thing. strange to see one break... especially a few times. meh.

    the lil screw i mention... when you first remove the clutch cover, in the centre of the clutch, theres a nut with...notches? cut in its edge.

    there should just be one tiny lil screw (well, not that tiny) that rides in one of the notches in the nut. its just a locking tab. doesnt affect operation, just keeps the clutch adjusted to where you set it.

    it has nothing to do with that key breaking...