Engine Trouble Clutch issues!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by AAGGG, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. AAGGG

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    I have a 66cc engine kit. I recently mounted everything, but after getting the clutch attached, I discovered that even with the clutch disengaged, it wont spin freely. I CAN spin it, but it seems to be sticking (clunking) somewhere between the clutch wheel and the drive sprocket. Even when I remove the clutch plate completely, I still cannot get it to turn without a lot of force and the sticking. It seems like something inside is keeping the drive sprocket from disengaging the motor. Anyone have any ideas?
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  2. AAGGG

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    It feels like something's wrong in the countershaft.
  3. crassius

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    sometimes the clutch pads stick to the back plate (I suspect months of sitting in a cargo hold full of salt air) - usually, 2 or 3 tries to spin it by pushing pedal real hard with back wheel in the air will free it up, but a gentle tap with a hammer is sometimes needed
  4. crassius

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    just remembered one that this happened once after quite a bit of use - seems as the pads wore down, they started spitting out fine steel wires that got into the small bearings under the clutch & locked them up - no fixing that except to get a new clutch since they are not worth the effort to press apart & reassemble - new clutch is cheap tho
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Pull the clutch lever in.

    Lift back wheel off the ground and turn by hand to break the clutch free.
  6. KCvale

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    Take off your left side cover plate and look at the edge that goes next to the Max cover.
    Does it have metal scratches?
    Some kits were designed for 410 chain and when they put 415 on the chain hits the cover.

    Just grind out more where the scratches are or just cut the whole flat edge off, the Mag cover hides it and it's not a waterproof area.

    Otherwise check the flower nut on the other side as you activate the clutch, the plate should move away from the pads.