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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by dotcom, Feb 20, 2015.

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    Almost sure it is the nut but here goes my explanation of what keeps happening. Sometimes on the right side where the clutch pads are, that whole clutch pad assembly slowly works its way out of place. I have finally come to realize that the whole time it was happening because the nut on the other side that is around the bucking bar was loose and actually stripped. I tried to torque it down so it stays but keeps stripping more and more. Does anyone know if I can just get a replacement nut and it should work? or is the other part going to be stripped too and no longer work? If so, what is needed? Is that the clutch shaft? or is it something else?
    And does anyone have an extra nut they can send me that has alittle more bite on it that the skinny one mine came with?

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    What yer talking about is the nut that holds on the drive gear. I've had a few of those strip out. You can try a new nut but if the threads on the clutch arm are buggered then ya split the case and replace the clutch arm. It's a little bit of a JOB but these engines are pretty simple. If you decide you gotta split the cases get back to us and we'll try to help ya not screw it up. But like I said, It's really pretty simple stuff.
    Big Red.
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    Can locktite be used?
    What size is that nut?
    Does anyone sell just that nut?
    Is there a bigger version with more bite on it that the skinny one my kit came with?