clutch key way.

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    I hope this is the right thread if nit please move it mods. Today 10-9-2011, I some broke the woodruffkey behind the drive chain pulley. So I was outside piddling around and got to looking at rider mower carter key [​IMG]

    Uploaded with that holds the deck on. It is just hair smaller then the clutch wood-ruff. I thought WTH so I took and measured the slots it fits so I cut it to size to fit the engine slot [​IMG]

    Uploaded with Then the pulley slips right on as if it belonged. I have been running it all day cant tell the difference but u have get woodruffkey the same diameter as da clutch. My camera broke so I had get pics offline. homegeniousness lol

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    I hope that key works and doesn't fail. I had a woodruff key fail on my car's crankshaft and it nearly scored and ruined my car engine's crankshaft. Scarry to think how such a small piece of metal can ruin the engine if it shears.
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    so far so good I figure if it works good other people can do this mod if need b. Will keep posted on how its doing!!
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    still pulling good. seems work great if u have to do this mod!!