Clutch Lever Locking Pin

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bigkev81, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. bigkev81

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    Hi guys,

    It seems that whatever hold the clutch locking pin to the bottom of the lever is missing from my bike, So when I wanna lock it, I need to fiddle around and line the pin up with the hole.

    Can someone post a pic of the bottom of the clutch lever and locking pin. I would like to see whats missing from mine and attempt a repair if possible rather than replacing the whole lever.

    I've looked at the parts diagram and it was no use.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. HunterB

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    I would purchase a better quality lever and cluch pin. The ones ive received with the kits are horrible. The one i have now i have to push the pin down and hold it. It does not lock for some reason.
  3. FurryOnTheInside

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    It should only be held down by friction with the lever, but I don't think I will use the kit one.. It just feels flimsy at the mount but with a clunky lever. I have a Sturmey Archer parking brake lever on my shopping list. Sorry no photos, my kit one is in the box in my cellar, where it's staying lol.
    But it does sound like the OP's locking pin is coming up too far when released. . .
  4. Frankenstein

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    Normally has a small clip but I've seen cheap rivet like heads and even a spot welded piece of tin.
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    That's a shimano left side shifter, I have one of a trek bike, I could never use that since the thumb lever is a ratchet mechanism, you'll press it 2 or 3 times to get an actual disengagement, and just as many presses with your pointer to get Re-engagement.

    After half a ride your whole hand will be sore and painful, and on top of trying to brake? No modulation or ability to feel a slip on the clutch? No, don't do it, get a double pull brake lever, and the clutch should be the long reach type, with a small lever lock and not a button. Bicycle motor works on eBay sells them at a very fair price and the quality and feel are superb. Top clutch on the image download.jpg
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  7. Frankenstein

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    Also it's ment for a 3 speed chainring, you know where the pedals are, it might not even give full disengagement, also it's a shift cable and that is a very thin cable to be using a clutch with.

    I'll note that my trek had that shifter set up (7speed on right side shifter for rear wheel) for about 3 days, then I took them off and gave them away because a: they sucked very very badly, felt so unnatural to use 2 fingers to shift in different directions, and b: the right side way very awkward shifting down while using my brakes to slow down, it meant most of my hand was tied up in the controls and not holding the bar for stability during a stopping maneuver. Figures why they always on sale in the bike shop.

    And c: they just sucked. Oh yeah, shifting up on the right side was one gear up per pull, but shifting down was like 3 and a half lol wtf with that stopping between gears?