clutch lever mods.

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    hey guys i have come across an easy clutch lever mod. for china ht series motor everyone should be able to do. thisl will pit the lever in a better postion and help with smooth action, looks close to base of carb. but you will have enough room. what i have done is to remove the lever cover and pulled the pin out, by grinding off part of the shaft to make it shorter by about 1/8 - 1/4 inch it will move the lever inward. here are some picks
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    good idea I havent mounted my motor yet but I thought it would catch on my leg.
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    I moved mine to a similar position. I pulled the lever arm from the flatted pin, rotated it on the splines, and press fit it into the new position after a little filing of the clutch arm part where it mates. I used a tall 6mm nut that I rounded the edges of on the bottom, to make a cup type fit against the lever arm. It has been secure. The clutch operation is firm but nice.
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    Ok, I understand you mean the clutch locating shaft, not the "shaft" with the lever arm mounted on it.

    Very interesting modification. Just make sure that the clutch will still be able to fully disengage before the clutch pin grinds on the drive gear.
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