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Hi All,
Ok, I figured out the dust-cover thing. :)
Now I'm trying to figure out how to use this clutch lever. Problem is that with the clutch lever mounted on the handlebars, whenever I pull the lever in, it hits the grip before ever engaging the catch. :( I see photos of other bikes on this site, and I can't figure why mine won't seem to work. :???: I even pulled off the grip and the lever still touches the actual handlebar when pulled in enough to engage the catch. Also, I have 2 kits and I tried both.
Any advice would be appreciated. I've been wrestling with these two kits for a week. Seems I keep having 'unique' issues.


It seems to me that the cable sounds like it needs to be tightened, its possible there is an adjuster at the clutch arm or on the lever itself. The key will to be to remove just enough slack so that the clutch will engage and disengage within the movement of the lever.


a pic is worth 1000 answers, charlie...can you post something we can look at?


Charlie - I had the same problem when I first installed my engine. I had to do what Saabsonettguy suggested: pull the cable as tight as humanly possible and then clamp it down at the clutch arm on the engine. And yes, the key is to make it so there is NO slack whatsoever, and that just a tiny bit of movement at the clutch lever will move the clutch arm.

This also means that when the clutch lever is fully engaged, it should be very tight and not move at all.

Hope this helps.


It works

Hi All,
Sorry so long in posting again. Hey, I took the advice, pulled it tight, and managed to make it work. The lever touches the handlebars when it is pulled in, but has enough throw to diengage the clutch.
Another question though...Has anyone tried one of those twist clutches? Are they good/bad/stupid? What I have is working, but I'm still lookin for something better. Thanks.
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Nov 4, 2006
twist clutch

I use the twist clutch that came with the older grubee kits. the movement is not smooth like the throttle control. It has 2 clicks. the 1st click disengages the clutch. the 2nd click locks it in the disengaged position. the locked position in NOT trustworthy. it works, but it will release by itself sometimes.
it took a while to get used to this style clutch. all in all, I like it. It matches my throttle control & has a built in kill switch. I put it on, just to try it & that was a year & a 1/2 ago.