When I first got the kit and built my bike the clucth lever was really cheeze so I made my own using an old break lever and the parts from the cheeze one and came up with one that worked bretty good for 6 months. Now the spring for the trigger broke so I need to replace the thing. Has anyone tried the new and improved ones with the button on them? I was thinking about buying one from DAC's but want to hear some feedback first. It's a toss up to buy the new one or make another one myself. Tom in WV
yes, imo, the new lever works just fine & i exect a decent lifespan out of it. it also closely matches the pyramid double-pull brake lever, so my bars look great.
i just got one the other day its realy sweet mine was about 6 bucks and way worth it
What new clutch lever from "DAC's" are you guys referring to? Do you have a link or a pic?

I still have the original cheesy one that came with the engine, but on the other side of my bars I have the Pyramid double-pull brake lever, and if I can get a new clutch lever that closely matches that, I'm interested....