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    Hey guys,

    Does anybody have a source for a good quality clutch lever? The one that came with my kit was poorly manufactured, the lever itself has an indentation where the pin locks down, almost as if someone did a poor job drilling through and drilled part of the lever as well, and as such the pin does not hold the clutch out far enough to idle without the clutch dragging. A minor annoyance, but one I'd like to fix.

  2. crassius

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    the proper way to adjust the clutch is to lock the lever & adjust flower nut until the motor DOES idle without dragging

    search this forum for instructions about 'clutch adjust'
  3. RumblingV8

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    I know how to adjust the clutch, this is my second bike. I am trying to say the lever is poorly constructed and does not allow for proper clutch adjustment for use with the lock.

    If it idles without dragging with the pin, then it does not engage enough when fully out to not slip on starting or accelerating.
    If the clutch fully engages, it will not idle with the pin without dragging badly.

    The pin does not lock the lever out far enough to have proper adjustment at both points.
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    I've seen this so far only on the extra long levers - you're right about needing a certain distance between lock point & free point for proper grab strength of the clutch. What I've done with these is (after trying all sorts of soldered pieces & things to put between lever & pin) is to try to move the 'at rest' point by filing the housing that the lever sits in so the lever goes farther forward than it used to - this gives greater distance between locked & free so the clutch grabs better.

    worst case, get a new lever