Clutch clutch linkage....HELP!!!!!!

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    hi all.. installing a 48cc grubee sky hawk to my norco bush pilot not sure if i am naming the part correctly but what i refer to as the clutch linkage where the throttle cable is connected on the engine....there is no resistance to freely moves like a this normal....when the cable is secured to the arm and the clutch is pulled in...disengaged??? this arm moves very this normal...

    also, my back wheel will not turn....chain too tight....cannot pedal!!!!


  2. jefuchs

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    Yes, before you install the cable, it feels like it's just a loose lever that doesn't do anything.

    I'm doing my first build, and I notice that not much is said about this. Before connecting the cable, the arm swings loosely. You need to push the lever inward (push against the strong spring), but not too far. Install the cable stop, then test it, and if it doesn't release, you need to set the cable stop tighter.

    You can install it just like in the videos, and it won't work. You have to move the cable clamp until you find the position that it wants. It didn't take me long.
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    The clutch linkage (arm) will have a lot of play in it as it only engages in a very short stroke. If the cover is correctly screwed on, the rod and ball bearing properly in place, turn the arm counter clockwise until it meets some resistance. This should place the arm pointing toward the rear of the bike approx. Keep a good amount of tension against the arm without actually actuating the clutch and set your cable lock at this point. When you pull the lever it should engage the clutch provided everything else is functional. There is only approx 3/4 inch stroke. (very rough estimation but you get the general idea)
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    When you pull the clutch lever the clutch DIS-engaging
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    I stand corrected, engage the clutch i.e. disengaging the engine from the drive components was what I was referring to.
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    thanks for the responses....hopefully i will get back to the build next week to finish....had a few problems and the vendor is going above and beyond to help with the issues....will post pics when finished