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    About the only complaint I have with the Staton friction drive is the shake, rattle, squeak and noise when the clutch engages and continues until the clutch is fully engaged. I have three Staton MB's, one with a Robin-Subaru EHO35 and two bikes with the Honda GX35. These 4 cycle engines are great. They are very smooth and quiet. Since they are so quiet the clutch engagement noise is very pronounced. I wanted to see if the new Staton friction drive roller would, as advertised, reduce the clutch noise. The new drive roller has slots like a gear profile parallel to the axis of the roller in place of knurled surface. The slots are much deeper and should give better wear and less slipping. It also has a new clutch drum attached to the roller diameter rather than mounted to the threaded end of the roller. This should do a better job to control the drum concentricity and square to the roller shaft. I installed this new setup on my noisiest clutch. The results were amazing. Almost no noise when the clutch engages, just smooth power. I would expect the clutch shoes to last longer since they have full contact with the drum. I examined the old - threaded clutch drum and could see the irregular wear pattern due to misalignment with the motor clutch shoes. I give Staton two thumbs up for the new improved parts. I don't ride my bikes in wet weather so I have no idea if the new drive is better when wet.
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    Have noticed the same thing regarding noise with the RS EH035 friction drive from Staton. Will pay attention to see if anybody says the new parts can be quiet. Would definitely buy a quiet clutch.
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    Can you show pics of new clutch/roller.
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    The new Staton parts are shown in their web page Look in "4. Parts for Friction Drive". Page 2 shows the 78mm stamped clutch. page 3 shows all of their new drive rollers that work with the new stamped clutch.
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    have the same problem with clutch drum noise

    have the same problem with this noise thing i recently bought Staton friction kit and it has annoying noise like "Krrrrrrrrrr" every time i start to ride and stops when i am accelerating so what is this stampled Clutch thing?
    if i replace mine with stamped clutch will the noise dissapear anybody knows how to change the clutch drum.
    need help