Clutch not working

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by aflaclover123, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. aflaclover123

    aflaclover123 New Member

    So this is my first build and when I put in the clutch the gear is not spinning freely. Please help. Should I unscrew the side of the engine to see if something is wrong?

  2. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    first take out spark plug to be sure everything turns properly, then with plug back in, open clutch cover to see where turning stops
  3. aflaclover123

    aflaclover123 New Member

    The spark plug is out and it is not turing. I am trying to get the flowernut loosened to see if that helps
  4. aflaclover123

    aflaclover123 New Member

    I took the clutch cover off and the three pegs don't spin freely. They only spin if the entire thing is spinning
  5. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    OK, so with no pressure plate on the outside, when you turn the wheel the whole clutch turns and the small gear and motor turns too - in that case, first take out all the pads to see if they are stuck -if just the three pegs move then, you're good to clean the pads a bit with gas or brake cleaner and go. If it is still turning everything without the pads in, then your clutch hub is stuck and you should replace it.
  6. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    I think this is the problem:

    When the engine kit sits on a shelf in China, or perhaps when black paint is baked on it bakes the crappy oil/ grease dry, or something.
    When your kit arrives the ring gear bearing is stuck, but most people probably don't even realise because they assemble the whole kit and when they push the bike (with the plug in) it breaks the stuck bearing free.
    This still leaves them with a dry bearing. It needs to be greased (minimally!).
    You can break it free even before mounting the engine by gripping the ring gear with your (gloved) hand and the sprocket with a piece of chain and twisting them in opposite directions. Or if you remove the clutch plate, by gripping the ring gear and placing a thin wrench or other flat object between the three prongs and twisting.
    Now that the three prongs rotate independently of the ring gear, you will hear that the ring gear bearing is dry. It will sound dry and scratchy.
    To grease the ring gear bearing you must pull the ring gear off using the kit gear puller, the bearing comes off with it. On the back of the ring gear bearing are three small holes. Using a syringe (not a needle, just a syringe) suck up some automotive grease and pump a small amount into each of the three holes. It shouldn't be packed in there or excess will come out onto your clutch pads.
    I can't find an info on actual amount of grease, so I would say better too little and do it again after a while than too much and have to clean the pads. You can then reassemble the clutch and adjust it as normal.