Clutch not working ?

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my bike was working fine last night

I went out to ride my bike today and i was trying to start my bike the clutch was working fine, then right when i am trying to start it, the clutch just stops working and the bike just starts driving normal and i can't feel any the clutch at all.

I don't know whats wrong now the motor will not even work because it just drives with no tension at all.

Whats wrong with it ?
a search of "clutch adjustment" turned up 22 hits on this site.

give it a try. :D

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Its not about the clutch cord, I took that off the clutch and manually pushed it back and forth and the chain does not have any tension at all.

when I used the bike before the clutch had to be engaged before the bike would move, now it just moves when its pushed engaged or not.

I don't know what i have broke ?
No its on but it just goes like a normal bike chain now with no tension at all, there was allways tension before i engaged the clutch and i could not even move the bike untill i enaged the clutch.
The engine sprocket turns fine with chain on, but with no tension.

I can't get theses screws off the engine , I have tryed with 3 screw drivers and even hit it lightly with a hammer.

I need to get in there to see whats going on , why are they so tight ?
thanks for the video.... I tend to agree with azk on this one...there is a broken keystock on your front engine sprocket. (allows your engine to spin, but not your sprocket. I know there are some sprocket pics on here. try a search for "removing front sprocket" select search all terms

keep us posted.
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