clutch nut removal

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    I want to pull the clutch (intak) Got the plate off, got the screw and star nut off. got the next gizmo off. I am looking at the clutch pads and this nut (update) I want the clutch assembly in one piece, bearings and all. Do I take the nut off or just use the puller?
    (like me) I put a vise grip on the clutch holding it to the frame and used the tool and a screw driver to take the nut off. Assuming it is a counter clockwise unscrew. The pad and gear assembly stays but the inner part turns the engine. What next? Haven't seen any posts on this one except the cloths pin thing.
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  2. AussieSteve

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    I think that you need to remove the nut, then use the puller. The bearing will remain in the casing. I haven't done it yet, hopefully someone who has will answer for you.
    I replied to point out that the best way to hold everything still while you undo the nut is to jam some folded cloth between the cogs. Better than the vice-grip method.
    ... Steve
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I was not real sure of the vice grip method either however the nut will not budge and the edges are getting rounded on the tool and the nut with me trying. If the nut comes off first I am going to have to figure a way to break it loose.
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    Update-- Got the clutch off, I put the vise grip on the chain sifde and it was a breeze until I dropped my wrench and it hit my parts box and I am still looking for that little key. Oh well life goes on.
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