Clutch clutch only turns motor over when riding slow

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by AdamT, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. AdamT

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    Just got one of those Zoom bike slant heads and when i let the clutch out at speed to start the motor the clutch slips as slows the bike down. Feels like i am applying a brake rather than the clutch lol. Once i decelerate to a slow speed it will turn the engine over and start it. If i apply the clutch when I am moving slow sometimes it catches sometimes it just slows me to a stop. The clutch cable is set right and I do not believe the star nut is the problem here, but it might be...any ideas

  2. fetor56

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    Have u tried it?
    If not adjust the star nut(flower nut) inwards half a turn & repeat the starting process(easier to do this adjustment with your clutch lever depressed)

    PS...mark the position of the nut BEFORE u start messing around with it.
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  3. EnFlaMEd

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    If fetor56s idea doesnt work try totally undoing the flower nut and taking the plate off. Check that the contacting surface isnt mega smooth or oily. This happened to me once for no apparent reason. It was fine one day and didn't work the next and no matter how tight I did up the flower nut the clutch still slipped. I basically gave the contacting surface of the plate a going over with a really harsh steel rotary brush attached to a drill and then "sanded" the surface over a switched off grinding wheel. Bike has been fine with normal nut adjustment ever since.
  4. AdamT

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    hey the clutch plate was pretty smooth roughed it up and tightened the star nut 1 degree.. works great, the back tire even locks up if i don't put weight on the back. Thanks again guys.
  5. Bryan Smith

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    You want the clutch plate to be smooth or you will be wearing away your clutch pads prematurely.

    If oily, spray a little brake parts cleaner on it. Try to keep the cleaner out of the clutch bearings and blow the metal shavings out that were left in from the factory.

    Sand the edges of the rubber clutch pucks so they float in their recesses. You will get way better clutch performance.

    You may have to readjust the clutch flower nut after the first few trips around the block, but it will be smooth sailing from then on.
  6. EnFlaMEd

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    I tried everything before roughing up the plate a little. I was stuck at a mates place for hours trying to get it going. I eventually got it tight enough so that I could ride slowly under engine power but clutch was too tight to disengage and pedal but would slip if I gave it any power. I made it to another mates with a small workshop where I did the afore mentioned work to the pressure plate. I dont really give two ****s if I stuff the pads as they are only $12aud from a local distributor and right now my clutch is performing the best its ever been.
  7. AdamT

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    yeah the high compression motors are a lot harder to start