Clutch over heat

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  1. skyash

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    Wood I be right to think the 142f 3 Pad clutch wood get hoter and slips more the more you use it ?Just like a car drum brake wood it helps to cut /drill hole in my casing for air flow and let all the sh*t fly out while riding.?

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  2. CrazyDan

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    Would risk sh*t flying in then wouldn't you? I have thousands of mountain foothill miles on my staton hd 3 pad clutch with such a small amount of wear, dust is beyond negligible. The original clutch would maybe last 500 miles without modding the springs.
    Edit: that transfer case and stock sprocket's gear ratios don't allow the clutch to stop slipping till like 18mph on a 26" rim, so to make it last longer without different parts or mods is to just stay above 20 at all times...i have a 20:1 gear ratio so i don't really have the issues you'll see.