Clutch pad/adjustment problem

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by sideshowsideswipe, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. November last year I started having this problem where the clutch wouldn't engage.

    I could: a)hear the piston going up and down, b)see the chain on the left side turning and trying to get started, c) take off the clutch cover and feel the heat of friction. I tightened the nut on the clutch pad cover and it fixed the problem.

    It's happening again! I have now tightened my clutch cover nut so much that it won't go any further! Also the clutch lever arm on the left side is so far towards the engine block that it doesn't look right anymore! do I need a clutch rebuild kit? I think so but I want to make sure. Also how often should this be happening?
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    Can you show a pic of your clutch lever arm and the pads? It sounds like you have your cable tentioned too tight. The clutch arm should run parallel with the chain while the clutch is engaged. When you pull your clutch lever on your handlebars, the clutch arm on the engine should be just barely pushed in to dis-engage the clutch. If you have recently greased or lubed your gears on your clutch, it is possible that the pads have a little on them which will allow them to slip. Pics are the best way for anyone to help you.
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    sounds like maybe you're adjusting in the wrong direction?

    btw (to anyone interested) -this is always the best way to answer a basic question...whenever you can, dig up an old answer and use it again.
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    actually, augi...when i tightened my pressure-plate nut, (tightening clockwise) the arm did, in fact, move closer to the engine. quite a bit. there seems to be a limit as to how far you can go with it.
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    i misread (i think) or got in a hurry, or the sun was in my eyes. none of the above...i have never yet had to tear a clutch apart, guess i have a old test engine i could maybe dissect, lotsa good pics if i do.

    shoot, i'm gonna put some tunes on and do that now.

    'sideswipe...have you taken the pressure plate off and had a look?

    EDIT: well, i got off to a good start, but i'm gonna have to find the right breaker-bar or whatever to get those locknuts off.
  7. Okay I guess I'm going to be taking the clutch pad off then. however I'm tempted to just do as I did with the exhaust manifold and jam some bits of cotton sock in there in the meantime. any thoughts? bets?

    here is what it looks like -some of the buttons have big chunks missing missing now I've gone in so tight on them. Is this right? should the clutch pad wear out after a year? Is it easy to get off and service?

    pics- DSC06370.jpg

    and DSC06372.jpg

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  8. Dang. That worn. What's your riding style like?
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    taking off without pedaling, i see...

    go to the seller of the engine and ask if the clutch inserts are available, drop some new ones in and change your riding style a bit. kidding about the style, i happen to know where you have to ride, lotsa hills and whatever you want, of course, but i'd order a few extra sets of clutch inserts.
  10. dang my only option right now is to get a junker engine and swap the clutch disk out. which seller can I get the insert buttons from?
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    go to our "resources" page and start looking at the seller's sites...there are a couple different shapes/sizes, so give the seller some pics when you inquire.
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    look here for answers to all your problems,,,

    Hope this helps,


    and after I hit post,,, I see Augie beat me to an answer
  13. thanks guys, I just PM'd mike - I'll PM again with some details as I was unaware that there are different sized clutch pad buttons.