Clutch Pin and Bearing


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Jan 31, 2008
South Australia
First major problem with 50cc HT (first build)
1 week and 3 days old.

Problem: HT Bearing disintegrated to a flat square !

First 5 days, everything seemed fine excpet for the constant adjusting of clutch cable. I thought it was "normal" stretching, but it got beyond the beyond of adjustments.

Removed cover and notice no ball bearing.
Probed with magnet and nothing.

Inserted another bearing and then the pin seemed too long.
Shortened pin, replaced cover, all worked fine for a day.

Today a fellow MB builder helped out and we used compressed air to blow out the first bearing, stuck inside after all this time. It was flat and squared !

Replaced with new hardened bearing till I got home and simply tried to replace the correct length standard HT pin.

The standard HT pin now seems too long.
So it ( the clutch ) works somehow with the new non HT bearing and shorter HT pin.

Why won't the correct length HT pin fit in far enough to bolt back on the clutch lever cover ?

Has anyone else had the same problem of the ball bearing disintegrating to flatness ?

Do I now include the ball bearing in the, quality upgrade kit, thread to ?

You again! I think we need to find you a Honda, so I will start a donation area
for you....Here is my two

It's hard to come up with an answer for this one. Could have been a bad ball bearing and as it changed shape, you had to re-adjust clutch. I can't see the very slight change in size of the bearing doing this but I thought I would mention it because nothing else screwed up on you. I wonder if you should clean out and make sure that the hole that you slide the shaft into is a clean straight through hole. It could be that the ball can't move passed a burr . If it was my bike I would take the clutch off, if it is needed, and slide a bar the same thickness as the one that is used on the engine in from the clutch side and bring it out on the magneto side.This had to be a nice clean hole and there is no reason that it should not be.

Note* You may just be able to remove that butterfly nut and be able to do what I said, without removing clutch.
The bottom line is that whatever you do, the rod and bearing should be able to slide without getting stuck.
I think we need to find you a Honda

Just one way ticket to China and the HT product I have, I'm sure they will gladly pay the return fare once I drop thier engine on the manufactures counter and demand a explanation !

Thanks for the advice cool, I'll check it out.
Solved !
When we replaced the ball bearings, we had to use 2 bearings at the time because we only had 1 shortened pin ( I forgot due to the heat wave).
The 1st ball bearing is stuck, but not damaged, the magnet won't lift it out.
So I'm still using the "2 ball bearing-shorter pin trick".

Seems to work ok, still.
If the Pin Seemed to long for me i adjusted the clutch with the tool delivered with the kit, I turned the clutch screw in untill the cover mounted correctly and kept adjustin until the clutch lever was parallel with the magneto cover, I hope this ins't to confuzzzzzing for you.
Thanks hot70cc,
firstly there was no tool in this engine kit, it's a extra item.
Fetor can confirm this cos he helped a while back when we put on a KOOL chain while I was building the bike. That is why I could not work out where the original ball bearing had gone to.

Yesterday it was "emergency road service" fixes and I had no clutch till we got to a workshop of a fellow biker.
I had a flat trye btw, carried a spare tube, but the gas station would not let me use the air pump. You can imagine what I was going through.
No clutch, flat rear tyre, 100 degree heat, carry tools and spare tube always and the gas station would not let me use thier air to pump my tyre up.
May God save us all a blessing and I hope the gas attentants smirk gets wiped out by a bus, cos that what he did when he saw me and a fellow rider at the air pump, smirk and say we cannot use the air pump, it's for cars only.
Ya know ?

Anyway, that's life it takes more than the heat in halle to rock my tree.
No, I am not confuzzzzzed.
you should say to him, I drive a car as well, and I can decide whether or not I will
fill up here or not, so whats it going to be punk...???

my 1.25C AU.

Thanks for the moral support Will-Start, at the the end of the day, Geronimo used to say, "either we climb the mountains and strengthen, or wallow in the shade of self pity". There was no shade, my bike became better/stronger,it climbs the hill rises and there are gas station air pumps that work where I buy fuel/oil from and service with a smile anyway.