1. Hello there, hopefully someone can help me find out where I can buy (what I think is a clutch pin) or what I can do to replace it. Here's a picture of where it goes, if needed I can provide more pictures. I appreciate all the help since I am new at this. Thank you

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    Not sure if you tried this yet. But, I would try to take out one of the other ones and just take it to Ace hardware or Home Depot, etc. They might be able to find a suitable replacement or the actual piece. Also, the bolts are unfortunately in metric. Many of the major home improvement stores don't carry many metric bolts, but Ace Hardware has a decent selection.
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  4. Thank you for the reply. Pretty good idea, I wouldn't have thought of that. I'll check tomorrow and keep you guys updated.
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    Pistonbikes.com or gasbike will have a blow up of the clutch assembly, or look at the threads for clutch on motored bike. The 3 pins are fixed on housing, you need to use the puller that came your kit