Clutch Clutch plate falls apart when trying to start.

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    I have the strangest problem now. When I pedal my bike and hold the clutch lever in everything seems to be working fine. When I release the clutch and try to start the bike, the engine turns over a couple times and then the clutch starts slipping really bad.

    If I try to start it again a time or two then, in addition to the crazy grinding noise from the clutch plate to the clutch cover, somehow the clutch plate is loose. I have the set screw in it so it doesn't seem possible for the flower nut to be unscrewing. How is this happening?

    One time it actually fell out when I opened the clutch cover.

    I did take the engine completely apart to change the crank case seals and gaskets and all that. I just cant figure out what I did wrong putting it back together.


    Its a 66 cc skyhawk by the way. Maybe there is a woodruff key or soemthing somewhere I'm missing. I dont understand how it keeps getting loose.

    Could I have put the bolts on in the wrong places. The ones for the small chain gear and the clutch thing are similar. Maybe they are supposed to be left threaded or something. I dont know!!!
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    Awesome... I was able to figure out that I actually was missing a woodruff key in the big clutch gear thing. I happened to have an extra one laying around. Now at least I know I'm having electrical issues. lol I think this calls for a different thread though.