Clutch Plate/ Gear - How to remove?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Ne0Khan, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. Ne0Khan

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    Hi all, new here! (obviously) so i'm having some issues with my motor, specifically the clutch/ sprocket assembly (I am by no means mechanically inclined, I am a small electronics repair tech)

    So yea Some sort of bearing exploded, and I need help removing the old clutch plate and finding a new one... ebay? Pics: please help!!! (The gear is wobbly by the way)

    IMG_20151117_172254.jpg IMG_20151117_172302.jpg

  2. The_Aleman

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    You should have a tool included in your kit that helps remove the clutch:


    You remove the center nut on clutch, thread the tool in, tighten the center bolt. Acts like a puller.
  3. crassius

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    I see the problem in your pics - the wobbly part is the 'small bevel gear'. It sits on a tapered shaft with a woodruff key locking it in place. Looks like the factory missed getting it & the key seated properly (which happens a lot).

    Use a hand impact driver to remove that slotted bolt. Usually, just a rag stuck between those gears will keep it from turning while you remove the bolt. Then use the puller shown to pull the gear.

    You may need a new gear if it is bent out of round or cracked by having the key jambed out of the slot, but if it was just misaligned on the shaft, you can just reseat the key and smack the gear down tight & straight with a heavy mallet, re-tighten the bolt & go.