Clutch clutch plate removal/broken clutch stud bolt

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    i hope this will be helpful to fellow MBC'ists.i had to take my drivetrain apart after the starnut adjuster stud bolt broke off leaving you no power on drivetrain.i tried getting this part but seems nobody sells it.they all say you'd be better off installing the whole new drivetrain.personally is what i would do coz the the darn shaft is pressed in the clutch housing.set me back $49 for new drivetrain...acceptable.i wana give you idea on whats in your drive train and how to replace the clutch plate and gear.i put in approx 5K miles on my kit before this tiny stud bolt broke off.(duno why they dint use bigger stronger bolt.all the power is transferred to this tiny star nut adjuster bolt) summarize..when this bolt breaks, its game over time for new drive train...ffffttt!!!

    1: gear/clutch plate removal tool(came w engine kit)
    2: remove center nut use 13/16 socket.have to bang it hammer by the socket handle.
    3: thread in the removal tool and tighten the middle bolt.
    clutch or gear will fall off as you tighten it**warning:watch for the key/pin from the shaft it will fall off***
    4:reverse procedure to install new gear or clutch plate w/out the removal tool.
    ..sorry bout the pics..hehehe..will invest in a better camera next christmas.
    ***my other baby, 86 Fiero GT..promised to work on paint job after i get my bike running again...well..i hope my post will serve purpose coz ive learned alot here in your forum..ty again MBC!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing, this is good information.
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    Handy info man...hope i never have to use it. :smile:
  4. I installed new clutch pad buttons without having to take off the whole clutch pad. I used plyers to pull the old buttons out and push the new ones in. More time playing with asbestos than I would rather have done, but job finished. Only problem now is that I can't adjust the clutch arm to work with the locking clutch lever, it needs to be pulled all the way in now, past the lock button.
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    i had always wondered how it would work with a eletrick front hub frome your pics you have been runing one for a bit is there aney way you could give me some specs on your bike? ie how did you rig the throttles hows the trangition gas to elect will the gas charge the bat? stuff like that and such aney thing would be greatly welcome
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    Yeah! The flower nut is very easy to remove! Keep the clutch lever in. Remoove small locking screw. Remove flower nut just turn it by hand. Off comes the clutch plate and then you can change the pads or whatever. Put everything back in the reverse order then adjust the flower nut before putting the lock screw back. Clutch lever released turn flower nut in by hand till tight. Clutch lever in. turn flower nut abiut a 1/4 turn in. release clutch lever slowly while turning back wheel and making sure the drive is tight when clutch lever fully released. Put locking screw back in.