Clutch Clutch Problem on new BGF 80 cc

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Shimgofast, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Shimgofast

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    I have not been able to get the clutch to release and allow the drive sproket to move freely. I have read in this forum that the "button" that is in the center of the drive sproket should move inward to release the clutch when the clutch arm is moved inward. It was suggested that the clutch can get "stuck" in shipment. I have tried the suggestion to tap this with a hammer to lossen it. This has not worked and I do not want to damage anything.

    I contacted BGF and the response was to send me a portion of the instructions that deals with the clutch adjustmant of the clutch or right side ot the moter. Before I mess with this I want to be sure that this adjustment will solve the problem.

    Any help?

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Nothing is guaranteed... but since you tapped the left side, (does the bucking bar stick out of the shaft about 1/4"?). Then it's MOST likely on the clutch side. Remove lock screw on the flower nut and turn (tighten) the nut. Could be adjustment of clutch cable. Did you attempt moving the clutch shaft by hand? A box wrench over the arm will make it easier on your fingers.
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    Clutch problem no help

    I tried your suggestion with no help. I adjusted the flower nut on the right side tightening as you suggested. The clutch arm will still not move to release the gear. The clutch cable is not the issue. I was able to get the clutch arm to move the friction plate on the right side but the force necessary was not even close to the force available by the clutch cable and could not be maintained. I also tried adjusting the flower nut all the way out and that didnt help either.

    It seems that the internal mechanism (a spring?) between the gear and the plate that holds the friction pads is stuck or if there is a spring it is too powerful to allow the clutch arm to move inward to release.

    I have removed the retaining nut and washer from the gear side and have not been able to remove the gear itself.

    Do you know how to remove the gear? Is it threaded onto the axel? Revers or regular thread? or does it require a gear puller to remove it?

    I have been very careful not to bend or break anything as I know the parts can be fragile.
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    If the clutch handle is hard to pull there are solutions to fix that.
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    The clutch handel is to hard to pull. I was planning on removing the gear sproket to investigate what is not working properly. Any other ideas?
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    I don't think it's in the handle. It's in the routing of the clutch cable/bucking bar. To be sure you can remove the clutch cover, remove the flywheel (star nut), and pull the clutch handle. See how hard it is to pull. PM sent