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    Hi, I knoticed that afer time of using the clutch lever, awhile later the part that touches the metal dowel has been wearing away. So that leads to the problem of me havin to always tighten the metal cable (that is connected to it, till it can't be tightned anymore.)

    But then I discoveed that my problem would be solved if I had a sligtly longer dowel (the thing I'm holding in the pic.) Then i fliped it around so the flat side of it was rubbing against the ball while the other side caved in for the ballbearing would be dealing with the lever.

    This works for me but are thier any better ideas? I'm just worried It'll destroy the ball bearing sooner or later.

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  2. Butch

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    I just purchased a couple HT motors from BGF. One of the many problems I had with these motors was that a metal dowel was too short. I cut the unthreaded part of a 5/16" bolt to the correct size and is working good.
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    Also where to get a ball bearing? What size and store? (I can go to)
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    Ok guys, you're in the wrong forum here. This is for plain ole bikes, not motored bikes. Moving to the proper place. Please be aware of where you are posting and where you SHOULD be posting.
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    The flat spot on the clutch lever is basically the flat to a camshaft. Cams like lubrication. Keep a dollop of grease between it and the rod.