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    Hi... I have a 2 month old 50cc dax motor - it had been running great until a couple of days ago. We noticed that from a cold start, we had to pedal about 30 yards to finally turn over the motor. A couple of days ago, a new problem arose - we pedaled and the motor didn't turn over at all. There was almost almost equal resistance with or without the clutch engaged.

    I opened the clutch cover (see attached pic) and watched as I pedaled. The inner part of the large gear moves freely forward and back. The little gear occasionally engaged with the outer gear - but not much. If I disengage the clutch and move the bike back and forth by hand, I eventually get resistance - almost to the point of where the motor tries to turn over. Each time I disengage / engage the clutch, the same thing happens - no resistance and then resistance.

    The resistance is still not enough to turn over the motor. I can pedal for 30 yards and it doesn't turn over.

    It seems like it is something is slipping...

    Any help? things for me to test?

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  2. did you try adjusting the clutch?

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    Hi... I solved the problem by sanding down the clutch pads - the disk was slipping... Now everything is working fine.