Clutch clutch problem

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    I have a 48cc sky hawk ,and last night I started it up and it make a noise and lost all power and died.I pulled the clutch lever in and tried to roll it would not move either way.So I pull the plug and small bevel gear off,and slowly pulled the pull start cord and the cylinder moves. It will roll but a lot of drag either way forward or backward.So then I pull the flower nut and spring and clutch cover plate.I think it's the big clutch gear,would that be the case?Does those thing go bad knowing I can't grease those bearing in it? I just wonder if those gears are the same size as a 80cc or 49,50 does it have to be for a 48cc ? Thanks
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    The picture below may help, from what I know all 2stroke clutch parts are the same.

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    thanks Greg