clutch problems


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Jun 7, 2008
Baltimore, Maryland
hello all,

So i finally got my motor running! (I have the chinese 80cc motor with pull start and centrifugal clutch) and the second time i take her out i notice a squeeling/ sheering noise and an occasional "clink" coming from the motor on the clutch side. Me being so excited about the motor didnt think to realize that may be a problem.

well i take her out and as im coming down the street i hear a pop like something snapped internally, leading to the back tire to lock up and not be able to pull or pedal start at all.

i think i may have burned up the manual clutch because im not sure if i was riding it correctly, i was coming to a complete stop with the clutch out then just hiting the throle to move again, not thinking that the manual clutch would still be spinning. so i took the cover off of the centrifugal clutch it appears fine and i do not know how to remove it to get to the manual clutch to check if it is broken.

sorry for the long story i figured if i went into details it may help someone tell me what i did wrong and how to fix my new motor!!!! please help if u can!!!!
Sounds like your had too much slack in the chain and it got caught up on the drive gear. Take off the cover the clutch arm is attached to and see if it is jammed up in there.
aha! well its not the clutch my guess is that my motor was runnin too lean and wasnt getting anough oil down through the piston because the cylinder is all scratched up. soooo i did a motor swap with my friends spare motor and that one seems to be running fine i just have to break it in!!!