clutch problems

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    my name is lance and i'm new to this site. i'm trying to help my friend w/his motored bike and don't understand how the actuator works on these. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Pablo

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    What kind of problems?

    Very Basically:

    1) Hand lever pulls cable
    2) Cable attached to arm actuates a "cam" lever
    3) Cam pushes pin through hollow jackshaft
    4) pin pushes plate away from series of small contact "pucks" made of a friction material. These pucks are in a large driven gear. Gears spins when engine is running....with plate away, clutch not drive...
    5) When hand lever is released, same plate pushes pucks against another inner driven flywheel that is attached to the jackshaft itself, making a friction sandwich, driving the bike forward.
  3. chopperlance

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    i understand how it normally works, but after the cam u have a ball and after that you have a plate that closes off this hollow jack shaft. i did figure it out so thanks for the effort. until next time have a good one!

  4. BoltsMissing

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    May I add to Pablos solution to,
    Throw out the Chinese ball bearing. If you are able to get it out, in most cases it is not perfectly round and low quality and may sometimes jam up the mechanisms.

    Sometimes if the bearing is stuck, use the small extention tips that comes in most spray cans, CRC for example and spray in there. If that don't work, use spray can of degreaser, that will soften the grease that's holding the bearing , and usually it will fall out.
    Extreme case , use compressed air to blow out the bearing cos I have had a few become sqauashed up and almost in a state of disintegration.

    Replace with same size ball bearing from bearing retail place. Take the Chinese bearing with you ofcourse so they can size it up. Get some spares.

    Prior to fitting the new bearing, add lots of hi temperature grease, molly grease is probably best. Grease up the cam and everything else.
    Push the bearing in, then push in the pin, the excess grease will come out, and use that excess for wiping it around on the small 10 tooth sprocket.