Clutch clutch Problems :(

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Toysaresuss, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Toysaresuss

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    Okay so i was out last night enjoying the ride i was on when suddenly the clutch stopped working. When i got home i checked the bike over to see if the cable snapped anywhere but it hasn't. i also checked the clutch arm where the cable connects to but the cable is in the same position i placed it in.. today i went back outside to try and fix it.

    When the clutch is disengage you can normally roll the bike or peddle like normal but it's working like the clutch is engage!!! you can't move the bike. I've tightened the clutch arm and cable as far as it can go but it still doesn't roll, I've even had to remove the spring that goes over the clutch cable to pull it tighter against the clutch arm.

    The chain is not to tight nor to loose. i dunno what the **** the problem is. tis peeing me off because the motor is just new.:veryangry:

  2. Bryan Smith

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    Is this on your 49cc skyhawk?
    If so the bearing race on the clutch maybe working it's way off and you may have lost some ball bearings or jammed it. I had to spot weld mine in 3 places on my 50cc genII starfire. (Made in the same factory)