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  1. So when I bought this engine Tanaka 35cc 2-stroke the guy told me when it was mounted to his scooter, via the clutch drum (78mm) he said the 2 bolts holding the clutch on the flywheel did not have a washer under the heads of the bolts, as a result he said it was noisy and that some new washers would fix the problem.

    Now I know engines, but I never thought 2 clutchhead washers would make that big of a difference....anyone know what he may be talking about...

    If no one knows i guess with time i will figure it out, I am waiting for the GEBE mount kit before I can find out. If no one can give their opinions then we will just have to wait for mine.

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    no clue
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    let me no
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    I think he is talking about regular clutch drum noise and vibration and relates this to missing washers.

    Nothing to worry about, mount it to the GEBE and she will work just fine
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    I have no way of knowing what the particulars are in relation to the way the engine you have was handled or modified but these small engines do come stock with thin, spring steel washer/spacers that have a slight bend in them to keep the clutch shoes in place and from chattering. They can also be hard to find as an OEM part.