clutch question



When the engine is out of gear and you're just pedaling around, should it be just as easy to pedal as it is when you don't have an engine on? Right now, it feels like I'm going uphill the whole time. I can get enough speed to start the engine easily, but I was wondering if I had the clutch pulled in enough.

I feel some drag when I pedal my bikes very far. I think its just turning the extra chain, sprocket on the engine and shaft, that I'm feeling. not to mention the extra weight of the engine kit. So....I try not to pedal it much.
If I had to pedal home for some reason, I'd probably take my engine chain off.
try using the engine-end adjustment to pull it out a bit more, the rear wheel should be able to be turned by hand if the clutch is adjusted properly...i have no problem pedaling except for the added weight.
peddaling difficulty

I am still in the break in period with my engine and noticed it was pretty hard to pedal the first time I rode after install. It's gotten a lot easier after several rides now. There is definetley some drag due to the added weight and the heavier chain tho. I'm also considering loosening the chain tensioner pulley(wheel) a bit to see if that makes it any easier. For the most part I think it just takes some riding to break the engine in.