Clutch Questions Grubee Skyhawk GT5 66cc

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    Clutch Questions Grubee Skyhawk GT5 66cc - Red EPA Carb ( Looks like all screws are super glued into place).

    Maybe being a newbie explains my stupidity - the build is going reasonably
    well - with lots of parts needing minor adjustment. I am installing it on a 26
    inch mountain bike. Everything is fitting well - except I am running out of handlebar space.

    Doing my first build and am trying to interpret the China Gas directions. It looks like the clutch cable is meant to go through that 90 degree fitting on the block ?

    The clutch lever (Engine sprocket side) just about moves 90 degrees counterclockwise.

    When I move the lever back and forth I can't really feel any mechanical resistance an any of the position - like one would with a clutch. Can you put a Centrifugal Clutch on this engine or would you lose too much HP.

    Since the clutch cable gets tighter when the handle is pulled or locked into place, doesn't that pretty much dictate the direction of the lever?

    I don't know witch way the Clutch is engaged and witch way the clutch is disengaged

    Could somebody out there explain this to me ?

    Clutchless In Wisconsin
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    i just started this thing to but my dad has been doing this for 3 years now and sitting on the clutch side 2 ppl he had me push the clutch as fAR as i could towards the other side of bike and he tightened it there with that screw lock thingy hope this helps if not repost good kluck
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    This one confused me until I saw it in action, too.

    OK, the arm that swings freely is the clutch arm, which you have already established, and yes the cable goes through that 90 degree nut. We're going to go with the "clock" analogy, with 12:00 being the front of the bike.

    The arm swings freely from 12:00 to about 6:00. Throughout all that, the arm isn't doing anything to the clutch. It's when you turn it counter-clockwise and hit about 6:00 and you feel resistance in the clutch arm, THAT'S where all the action begins.

    Feed the clutch cable through the nut and then to/through the clutch arm with the clutch arm at the beginning of the resistance, and then tighten the stopper nut thing-- once the cable is connected, pulling the clutch lever will pull the arm further counter-clockwise, not quite to the 3:00.

    If this stumping you, I can take pictures (or, someone else probably has some already)
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    here's a photo I found online of the clutch arm connected to the cable, with the clutch arm slightly past 6:00 going counter-clockwise


    as you pull the clutch lever, the arm will rotate further counter-clockwise to about 4:00
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    i had the same problem with the same motor, the clutch is mutch tightter than

    you would think. i now have about 20hrs on my motor and the clutch is still

    tough to pull. just the nature of the beast. O and i did the install alone. if you

    are doing it alone also use large visegrips or a C clamp to hold the lever all the

    way in and then adjust the cable and tighten the brass line clamp. also i got this

    advise from someone on this sight. find and old pair of brakes and cut the clamp

    off and use it as a back up butted against the one they give you. trust me

    you dont want that thing comming off when ur far from the house, it's not a

    good time.
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    My clutch cable broke at the motor housing.

    I researched and found a better way to rig the cable using a small sliding door wheel and an "L" bracket on this forum. (thx large phillipino)

    I also had a problem of the choke lever moving around and fixed it with a couple of springs tied end to end.

    This forum is awesome and a must for any motorbike owner.

    Thank you!!
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    Here is a picture...
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