clutch rattle with brand new staton RS 35

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by flossandfly, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. flossandfly

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    I bought the friction drive Robin Subaru 035 kit from Stauton inc and recently got to try it out. I get lots of rattle noise until I speed up the engine, it sounds like the same problem as the guy in the thread below.

    The thread above advised adjusting the idle slower so that the clutch would not rattle. I read the owners manual and it said "The carburetor greatly affects the
    performance of the engine.
    Since it has been adjusted carefully
    at our factory before shipment, avoid
    adjusting unless absolutely necessary.
    If adjustments are needed, contact
    your nearest dealer."

    So I would like advice from the veterans here. I am kind of disappointed since I bought what appeared to be a top notch kit from a top notch company.

  2. photo245

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    i had that on my dax friction drive i found adjusting the motor up or down a little bit cuts out that rattle and pinging from the clutch ... On adjusting up or down i mean loosening the 4 bolts holding it just enough to wiggle the motor. Start the moter and move it on the loosened bolts till it quits rattleing and pinging .And then adjust it a little more forward or backwards and while it is runnig tighten up the bolt on the bottom of the 4 bolts tite enough so motor sits still and as u do that the motor should quiten down as the motor walks to where it will sit . Then shut off the motor and tighten down the rest of the bolts to tighness. And if you got it rite it should not move anymore till u move it . Or make any rattling or pinging sounds.
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  3. Richard H.

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    No reason to be disappointed, you made a good purchase. There can be a short wear-in process with a centrifugal clutch and it settles in. Just ride it, don't be overly sensitive or think something's wrong, Staton makes a sufficiently rugged unit. BTW, adjusting the external idle screw will not adversely effect anything with the carb or engine.
  4. flossandfly

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    Cool, I will try that. Thanks Richard H/phgoto245
  5. loquin

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    (But, you might need to give the throttle a small amount 'extra' until the bike warms up, if you lower the idle speed...)