Clutch refuses to disengage, very hard lever operation



Well.. I finally got my motor, its installed, quite a few alterations needed to get it all to fit, but almost alls well.

The clutch is extremely hard to operate, the cable has stretched every single time I left the clutch lever pulled back on the piston.

Is it supposed to be so hard to operate? Pulling the lever all the way back or pushing the clutch arm all the way does not disengage the drive either. When I pull the clutch lever, I can push the bike a very short distance before the engine stops it again. (I assume the beginning of the next stroke)

Any ideas? I would really like to go for a ride >.<

hi first thing is to lube tht cable take it off and squirt some lube into it that will loose in it up a bit did yo put back the r ound cyclinder in the sprocket behind the sprocket cover when you pull the lever it pushes on the round cyclinder that pushes out the clutch to let it roll freely does it roll freely when you pull in the lever just some thoughts to check out larry ca
If you grease everything up and lube the cable it will be a lot better.

At first mine wouldn't roll with the clutch in either, when I was greasing the clutch gears I took the pressure plate off and cleaned out the excess friction material but it was still tight. After a decent ride it is now rolling smoothly with the clutch in and I can slip it to take off from a dead stop.
The original cable ended up snapping >.< I replaced it with a generic bike brake cable, no problems.. at that time.

Now, no matter what I do, it refuses to kick. I cant find anything on the mixture screw either.. Trial and error. Id say I flooded it, so letting it sit a while.

Cant wait for it to kick :)

Mine was a little cranky at first startup but not too bad, a few things I'm learning.

The choke is a really basic flap cover on the inlet, if you put it all the way up it blocks the inlet too much. Get a bit of speed down a hill then pop the clutch, hold the accelerator on a little bit and move the choke until it fires.

If you think it's flooded hold accelerator wide open while cranking until it cleans out.

There isn't really a mixture screw as such, I put the clip down one slot on the needle to richen the mid range but it still ran before that.