Clutch Clutch shaft threads smashed??

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Napper9606, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Napper9606

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    Hello everyone!

    Well long story short what I thought was a5min job just turned out to be a huge job. What happened was drive sprocket came looses lost woodruff key so I had to order a new one. Put it back on with sprocket and went to thread the nut on wiped off a little grease and saw that the threads are completely smashed! So I can't screw the nut on. One guy told me to weld the sprocket on. So my question is this easy or am I completely screwed???

  2. Tanstaafl

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    What size are the threads? All may not be lost, chase them with a die and see if still usable.
  3. Fabian

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    You sound like you're completely screwed and that's the nice way of putting things.

    Having said that, if you are mechanically competent and have suitable tools and understand how these bicycle engines work, you can remove the clutch shaft without having to disassemble the case halves.
    I say that with caution because i've seen more than my fair share of damage created by people trying to fix these engines with a level of incompetence that never ceases to amaze me. When they come to me for advise or to simply fix their engine in a state of desperation, i simply respond that it may very well be more cost effective to buy a new engine, because it's been f*&ked up beyond comprehension.
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    If you're going to buy a new engine buy an INDIVIDUAL ENGINE not a whole new KIT! I'm sure you already knew that but just to be sure. I'm probably going to get dissed for this and hated but when I'm cheap I order on ebay from Rose326a, NO ONE ELSE! She sells individual motors for totals of 105 or even under! One of my buddies has a kit from her and it's lasted him over a year now of constant use and he beats the **** out of the thing lol. Otherwise order from DAX(Thatsdax), bikeberry or maybe zoom bicycles but I'd go with bike berry. OR if you can afford it buy from dax. He's great! As for ebay, I trust no other sellers. Rose sells over 500 of these motors and kits a year. People love em'! I'm sure you have already worked out the bike and sold it, but if you ever run into this kind of ordeal later on. I've personally ordered from the following: Bikeberry, Kingsmotorbikes(terrible) Ebay- Rose326a, Luckyearlybird, a couple of pieces from Boygofast but not any kits) Once I ordered a kit from daemonbikes too but they seem to have fell off the face of the planet! :( My motor kit on my scwhinn is a rose326a I ordered it about 3 months ago and have been riding nonstop for the most part but sank like 80 or 90 in several upgrades. Hope this helps! good luck! for anyone that wants to harp on me for getting ebay kits they're not that bad. I've only had problems with one kit which was from luckyearly bird where the muffler constantly fell apart. But the seller has since then provided better mufflers with the kits.
  5. Napper9606

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    Ok so if I have to pull the clutch shaft out can I just screw the puller tool in and give it a few wacks or what would b the best way? Engines only 6mos old!
  6. crassius

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    If you live near someone that fixes these things, they probably have a bushel basket of them lying around - last few damaged cases I threw out, I didn't even save these shafts as they never go bad usually. When you get it out (I suggest a plastic mallet), you may be able to cut new threads just a tad smaller and fit a slightly smaller nut to the shaft (if the key is working, there's little strain on the nut).