Clutch clutch slipping HELP

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Travis, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Travis

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    ive tried searching for it and found nothing to specifically help me...
    Ok the clutch adjust nut or 'flower nut' as its been referred to slips horribly ill adjust the clutch adjust nut to perfection i then place the clutch locking screw(the little short screw that holds the clutch adjust nut in place) and it works perfect for about a run or two then slips again upon taking it apart it appears as though the clutch locking screw is rattling itself unscrewed ive tried lock-tight and a few other things with no success help please. do i just have a poorly threaded locking screw?????

  2. Gh0stRider

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    I adjust the clutch so that it is engaging the slightest bit when the lever is in the "locked" position. (so the rear wheel will barely spin if you lift it off the ground at idle) This allows full engagement when the clutch is fully out. I do this with a fully warmed up engine, as the adjustment changes a little because of the expansion of components. Make sure the pucks and clutch surfaces are clean. (I use automotive brake cleaner)