clutch slipping. how do u take it apart?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Nitropeewee, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Nitropeewee

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    i have been pumping grease in the clutch cable holder hole about every 100 er so miles. thick i over did it the last couple time. ive been puttin some good long rides on her lately n was worried about keepin those lil bearings behind the sporcket i guess. any help would be great!

  2. mastafoo

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    Unscrew the bolts holding the clutch cover. Unscrew the small screw holding the flower nut. Unscrew the flower nut. The Clutch plate should come off and expose the pads. Try cleaning em with brake cleaner to fix any grease related slipping. You might have to just turn the flower nut a notch though, try both.
  3. Why Do't you try spray silacone,no mess and wont hold dirt and grime as bad, K.
  4. EnFlaMEd

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    I had a problem with my clutch recently and found that the clutch plate had become mega smooth causing slippage. The actual clutch pads are still fine. I just ran the clutch plate over a grinder to lightly rough up the surface and now its fine.