clutch slipping in bell - cleaner?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by kallsop, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. kallsop

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    Which cleaner do you recommend to clean the inside of a clutch bell and the clutch friction material? I think I got something slippery in there during assembly and the clutch is slipping under load. The engine clutch is almost new and was ok, because the engine ran on another friction drive bike before and it worked great on the other bike

  2. Fabian

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    Mineral Turpentine (Turps) works terrifically for removing oil and grease and anything else - To quote Kramer: Once you've tried turps to remove oil and grease and stubborn friends, you'll never go back!
  3. ratdoggg

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    you might try auto brake cleaner.. then lightly sand the pads and heavy sand the bell..
  4. 2stroker

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    Purple power will work good. I dont like clutches they are just another part to go wrong. My friction doesn't have a clutch! I can still put it in neutral! what friction kit do you have?
  5. Fabian

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    I like centrifugal clutches (a lot) - nothing has gone wrong with mine after a very simple modification...

    Your friction drive doesn't have a clutch to wear out - bravo 2stroker bravo - your bumblebum friction drive just wears out tyres!!! --- sorry that was a typo: bumblebum - - - should have been Bumblebee...
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    Brake cleaner was mentioned which is good because it's alcohol based, or use just alcohol, either denatured or isopropyl.

    It would be nice if someone could just post a question n a thread and get an answer without it turning into a match of personal preferences or some kind of validation for their choices. A centrifugal clutch is a great and forgiving solution to motorizing a bicycle, it powers down the drive spindle automatically on a friction drive with just backing off the throttle. It allows one to effortlessly motor and idle in traffic without attention to it. Probably most important to me is it easily allows a drive assembly to be utilized that has two supporting bearings on both ends of the drive spindle thereby eliminating much of the load on the engine crankshaft assembly and bearings. But of course many of us who have been doing this for years know all of that with many thousands of miles as testament to reliable use. This is not to say that a direct drive set-up attached to the engine sans centrifugal clutch is wrong, in fact most DIY friction drives have just that set-up and folks get a lot of fun out them. Still, given the option and being able to afford the upgrade, I would prefer a centrifugal clutch every time.
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  7. 2stroker

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    For a person that has gone through 8 kits to my 1 you sure are quick to put something down you have never tried!! I have had the same tire for over 2,000miles now. You need a kit that you have to work on and tweak and modify to get the performance and reliability that you need i need a kit that i can just take outta the box and ride for thousands miles. I have job and a family i dont have time to tweak and modify and fix broken spokes, sprockets, chain tensioners, clutches, clutch cables and so on. Theres none of that on my kit. So have fun i know i have a blast when i ride to work everyday 30miles!!!
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  8. kallsop

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    Thanks for the advice. It's a Honda GX35 on a thatxdax friction drive, for now anyway, and I also have one Staton friction drive bike currently running a Mitsubishi TLE-43. Another thatxdax friction drive bike is running a monsterscooterparts 49cc engine. I like the one way bearing in the thatsdax drive and miss that in the Staton. All friction drives have been totally reliable, except for the occasional engine issue like the air filter falling off but you can't blame the friction drive for that. I use the Bell Comfort Tire with Kevlar from Walmart and those work well. Friction drive + reliable engine is simple and hard to beat, although it's not ideal in the rain.
  9. 2stroker

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    I like the honda GX35 thats a good to. They used the u-channel design. I agree with the Friction+ reliable engine is simple and hard to beat. My kits has run 4,000 miles and all i have done is change the drive wheel a few time! Whats your kits rpm's?
  10. Fabian

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    2stroker, you keep shooting yourself in the foot - i don't know what your logic is for repeatedly doing so. Maybe you're a masochist?

    Yes, i have gone through 7 engines with my 8th engine being superbly reliable with basic upgrades using the Jaguar CDI and correct carburettor jetting.
    I have only ever installed 1 centrifugal clutch; currently attached to my 8th engine which just happens to have passed the 8,000 kilometer mark.

    2stroker, it's coming across loud and clear (from your posts) that you are filled with bile and spite - just give up on it...

    I could be wrong and i'm all too happy to be proven wrong - in fact i want to be proven wrong in this case, for the betterment of all of us that have to listen to you...
  11. 2stroker

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    I think its funny how just because i like chain drives your out to get me. I really dont care what you think fabian. I know what my kit does i ride it everyday. If you have problem with my views and post then dont read them. cause im not going anywhere. I have done wrong and love MOB.

    My only point is reliability. You have to upgrade your kit right outta the box achieve that. I dont. I hook mine up and ride. If you gotta problem with me. Well it sounds like its your problem not mine!! So get used to it.

    Come on your on your 8th engine and im still on my one. So that says it all right there. How can you argue that? Your on your 8th engine and I still am one my 1st one. If you have a problem with. Well thats your problem not mine. See ya around. Have fun Riding! Cause thats why im here. I love to ride i post about how much fun i have riding! You don't have to read my post if you dont wanna. noones forcing you. you take it upon yourself to read them and get upset over them. So peace out my fellow mob. I wish ya good times and hold no negative feelings towards you! Simplicity does scare some people!
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  12. Fabian

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    Now i never said friction drives were a bad thing, as they do have their place: used for short trips and city cycle duty they're a viable option; not having the plethora of chains and sprockets and associated grease, filth and constant adjustment that goes with a chain drive system, however they have limited usability outside of a city cycle environment.

    To say that a friction drive system can do anything asked of a chain drive system is stretching the truth, as is the reliability factor, for China-Girl engines can be just as reliable as a friction drive system with basic after market components, as well as other advantages.

    Friction drives and chain drives each have their own advantages but also their own disadvantages.
    To say that a friction-drive system is the best option is stretching the truth.

    At the end of the day it's all about the functionality of transport or the enjoyment of the hobby.
  13. 2stroker

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    I have said this before. If you live in the hills your probally gonna want to get a chain drive. Friction is good to it will go up alot of hills. ( not as good as a chain drive of course) It will not go up very steephills. I ride 30 miles everyday to work. I live in florida. It works out great for me and hasn't let me down. So everyone has there own needs outta a kit mines reliability not speed and power. 30mph is good enough for me.

    I personally wouldn't wanna take a chain drive 30miles everyday to work. I have one and im thinking about using it when it rains instead of my friction but i dont know if it will handle it. I bet you guys cant wait. Maybe i will like it and shut up about my awesome friction drive right:jester: I just enjoy it. Its fun and simple.
  14. Fabian

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    Now that is stretching the truth way, way too much - the words Friction Drive and Awesome used in the same sentence - - - the words Friction Drive and acceptable would have been more truthful.
  15. Richard H.

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    This thread has been derailed into an off topic private conversation best suited to PMs, one that is specious at best with limited utility for general readers. It's a misleading if not ridiculous argument to talk about 'chain drives' as though all chain drives were limited to hastily assembled, out of the box China made HT kits. There are a number of chain drive applications available that offer users trouble free riding for thousands of miles.
  16. kallsop

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    Removed engine, cleaned clutch and bell with brake cleaner, reassembled, no clutch slip now. The Honda GX35 is a bit underpowered for the 1.25" roller with the hills around here, so I might have to swap to the 1" roller and lose the one way feature. It's a shame the Honda GXH50 doesn't come with a built in clutch like the GX35. The Staton clutch kit for the GXH50 looks awesome, but when you add that to the cost of the engine, it's a bit rich.
  17. 2stroker

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    A 1 1/8th inch roller would be perfect. It gives you the torque for the hills and the top end speed still!!
  18. 2stroker

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    Fabian started it lol..hehe..