Clutch slipping



My clutch is slipping, the lever is really easy to pull in, probably not engaging all the way. Does anyone know how to take this appart and check the spring or know of a replacement spring I could get. Maybe autozone or someone has one that I could use.

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Sorry, I have no idea if you could get a replacement spring from an auto parts store. But it's worth a try.

As for details of taking your clutch apart, I saw a good thread about that in this forum the other day. I can't remember the title, but it had good photos, descriptions, etc.

When you search go down to advanced search (at the bottom of the drop-down menu when you hit the "search" icon. I can't remember who pointed me to that, but it might have been AzBill. (Whoever it was, thanks)
When you're in the advanced search mode you'll be able to find threads dealing with the clutch. And I'm sure you'll find the one that I just mentioned. It'll tell you what you need to know.

good luck. Who knows? I might find myself following in your footsteps before long. here, davidsis. good pics/explainations there. try giving your pressure-plate nut an extra turn. your clutch lever will move more in towards the carb when you do, so you may have to take it off and reset the arm so it faces more towards the rear of bike, and not towards the motor.
ive had trouble w/slipping, and until the pads completely wear out, this works.
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