Clutch Clutch Slips during Start

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  1. intheclear

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    This is a new kit. The standard clutch that I have with it slips during start. Any tips on maintaining the clutch properly?

  2. HeadSmess

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    take off the cover(the big one), youll see the clutch plate. theres a tiny lil screw(screw it out a few turns, its a lock screw) and a nasty looking "flower" nut thing.

    screw i think? did it just yesterday and i forget already!

    um. you need to be pulling on the lever when you turn that nut screw thing.

    youll work out which way to turn it. tis easy.

    you want about 5-10mm slack at the lever tip when its right. :D

    if it doesnt seem to adjust enough you may need to remove that nut altogether and trim it down a little.

    once set, replace the lil lock screw, cover, ride!

    use the search button ;)
  3. motorpsycho

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    I had to trim (file) a little off of the end of the flower nut on my 66 c.c. (the small diameter end that screws onto the shaft and goes through the hole in the clutch plate).
    The flower nut was too long and it would not allow the clutch plate to fully seat against the clutch pads.
    The flower nut would bottom out when it was threaded onto the shaft and the clutch plate would be a tad too far away from the clutch pads.(causing the clutch to slip when i would try to get the engine started).
    By filing down the end of the flower nut, it allowed the flower nut to screw in further, which allowed the clutch plate to seat properly against the clutch pads.
    starts like a champ now with no clutch slipping at all.
  4. intheclear

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    Thanks for the help people.
    I didn't know how to adjust the clutch, and yes you turn the flower nut inward when the clutch is disengaged... otherwise its impossible to turn.
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