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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a complete N00B at this so... I got a basic 49cc HT kit and in the manual where it shows how to install the clutch, it shows 2 springs on each side of the clutch adjustment. They are supposed to be both about the same diameter, except on one the windings are closer together than the other. In my kit, I got one of the springs as pictured (the bigger one with more spaced out windings) and a VERY big one, too big to even be used, at least twice the diameter of the one you are supposed to have, and 1.5x as long. What am I supposed to do with this huge spring? I tried everything to try and make it work like in the book, but it is impossible. I need the smaller spring that it shows in the manual, and I'm wondering if I should contact the ebay seller about this.


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    FIgured it out

    Ok everyone,

    Completely ignore what I just said. Now I have a new problem. When I engage the clutch, the sprocket will still not turn no matter how much force is applied. The lever itself swings very very very easily with no resistance, so maybe something is broken. Any help would be appreciated.
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    are you talking about the 2 springs that go on the clutch cable where it installs to the clutch arm?
    if so, one spring goes inside of the other (the smaller one goes inside of the bigger one.).
    you must adjust the cable so that there is no play in the clutch arm for the clutch to work.
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    I figured it out. Told ya I'm a noob...