Clutch sticking and the gas will only go on low throttle.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Luybaton, Aug 9, 2016.

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    First the clutch is sticking idk what I should do with that yet but it will be running fine when all the sudden it will gradually slow down will only let me hit the gas on low throttle so when I finally pull on it it just barks and dies slowly

  2. Luybaton

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    Hopes these photos help

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    not sure what you mean, but first I'd properly adjust clutch
  4. jaguar

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    could be that it's seizing due to the extra high compression (which causes it to run hot) and too lean a fuel mixture.
    Take the head off and see if there' streaks of aluminum on the cylinder.
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  5. Luybaton

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    I can hear metal on metal clanking in it but I fixed the clutch and its running good but likes to stop and I have to completely turn it off the re start it like weird now idk what bolts I should use for my rear sprocket because they rippid it of my mag rim the screw broke off in side of it now
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    sounds way to lean put needle up / clip down in the carb and as jag says is compression ok head off check piston and look for signs of warping and is there a air leak causing a lean mix ? the spark plug colour
    will also tell you a lot
  7. Man your clutch plate is filthy clean it and how did you get the clutch arm to swing that far over did not see a cable to it the arm should be parrale to the the edge of your clutch housing something is really out of wack. If its grinding then it most likely mean metal against medal you had your clutch out of position and you burned your clutch pads off and they need to be replace from the picture I would say you don't have them. Take a phillips undue the tiny screw either use needle nose pliars or a screw driver with a small mallet bang the pedal nut reverse remove the the clutch look at it compare your pads with replacement pads on Ebay pictures.
  8. I can't tell by the picture but the only way you can get that arm to swing that far is that the barrel is missing its small stud about half inch long by 3/8" that goes in a pit in the center of your clutch that the armature pivots on that is half shave flat. Cuz I can't pull that armature that far by my own hand its tuff real strong.