Clutch clutch throw out rod specs needed

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  1. Ok yall I was having a great ride when after a huge bump my engine sprocket sucked in a extra link and cracked my case. After much cussing 3 days later in the rain I refabed the busted out chunk of the mag housing only to find that my assistant (my 3 year old dughter) had miss placed tht lil rod and bearing. drat, I found that everyone seems to be out of stock on it but one and I have ben waiting for them to get it to me for almost 2 weeks.
    I work at a machine shop so spinnin one up is nothing but I need the diameter and length from someone, anyone!
    Heck if they are in this much of short suply I'll spin some out in titanium not that would be pointlessly trick but I'm dying to ride again, can anyone help???
    I should note it is a happy time 80
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