Clutch Wars

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    I just replaced a blown clutch on my 49cc four-stroke engine. The old flywheel had two shoes, the new replacement has three shoes. Had to replace the bell rotor as well because the worn flywheel gouged metal-to-metal on the bell rotor, grinding it down too far. The problem is, the three shoe clutch flywheel sets too far inside the clutch opening and only half the shoes surface touches the bell rotor. Result: blown clutch again. The engine shaft is 5/8" tapered (no key involved). Looks like I'll need to go back to the two-shoe clutch, but I can't find them. I purchased the kit from a company in California, sold as a "Honda clone" 4-stroke, but they are no help in trying to buy clutch parts. I need to track down a "two-shoe" clutch flywheel for a 5/8" tapered shaft engine. Any suggestions as to where I can find this part?

    I also wonder if there is an adapter (or maybe just adding washers behind the three-shoe flywheel) to extend it into the bell rotor for full contact on the shoe surfaces/bell rotor. Any suggestions here?

    Thanks in advance for any help here, guys.

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    The clutch and the flywheel are two different things. The flywheel is on the opposite side of the engine from the clutch, and has a magnet attached. When the flywheel spins, it produces an electromagnetic field that charges the ignition coil. Please do not confuse the two.