Clutch will not disengage.

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by kbarrett, Feb 22, 2008.

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    Just got my engine and kit from spookytooth ... and it has a clutch that will not disengage and allow the sprocket to spin free.

    The bucking bar just sits completely at the bottom of the shaft, and the big ball bearing it down there, and just sits.

    Is this supposed to be spring loaded? The clutch lever just turns freely, and doesn't even touch the top of the bar unless it is all the way back.

    Any clue on what is missing here? Is something stuck, or just not there?

    Here is a pick of the sprocket side, and the bar just sitting in there loose.

  2. The spring is located behind the clutch plate, accessible from the other side of the engine. The bucking bar just sits there, sliding slightly left or right as the clutch is engaged/disengaged.

    These engines tend to be really tight when new. I would suggest you go ahead and install your chain on the motor sprocket. You can use the spark plug wrench that comes with the engine kit to manually turn the sprocket as you feed the chain through. From what I can tell in the photo, everything looks as it should.

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    Hello, I just submitted a question just like this last week. remember the clutch rod moving inward puts it into neutral, its tight. Here was my answer to my solution. Maybe it will help. graucho

    "Thanks to all that responded. What I did was... took off all covers and took a peek. Everything seemed in place> the little rod and ball bearing was there. So... I took out the spark plug (to reduce compression) put in 2 drops of oil for lubrication, went out for a 1/2 block ride with the clutch stuck on. YEA! since this was a brand new install something must have been hung=up from thick grease or a tranny part was'nt seated. But taking it out for a peddal (without starting it) must have moved everything into place. Thanks again. Graucho"
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    Got it fixed this morning.

    The star nut in the back of the clutch was reefed all the way in ... no play.

    Disassembled it, and putit back together carefully, and everything works fine now.

    If the clutch is too loose now, I know how to tighten it up ....
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    Glad u got it fixed...nothing like problems to accelerate your learning curve.
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    I am encountering the same problem. My gear is always engaged. Can someone briefly explain to me how to open the clutch? I've taken off both metal cover sides, but I don't know how to get beyond that to a ball bearing? Much Thanks.
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    maybe this will help

    Maybe this will help... With the clutch lever plate off there is a little 1.5"rod. Behind that is the ball bearing. It probably there, but its not coming out because its holding in because of thick grease in there. If you take out the rod, and tilt the bike way over if may fall out. (remember, the clutch rod swinging inward is neutral. It is real hard, and tight) Other wise maybe this will help...[/url][/url] (scroll down the page)
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    Fyler, did you figure things out yet? You just need to adjust and don't need to remove the clutch. Ithink everyone here calls it the "butterfly screw" in the centre of the clutch.You will see a tiny screw that stops the butterfly screw from turning, that must be removed first. Let us know if you need more help.
  9. fylerc1

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    Thanks a ton. All I had to do was loosen up the butterfly screw aka 'star bolt'. It was on so tight I had to hit it with a nail set and hammer. Clutch is working mighty fine now. :grin:
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    You just made my day! Great to hear that you are back in action!
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    when I hold the clutch in and let it go then pulled the throttle back the engine does not start. Everything was working kind of rough because I was recently installed it, but now all of a sudden when I release the clutch the engine does not start
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    is there any drag when the clutch is released as in... it gets harder to pedal or coasts to a stop quickly?
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    if not you sheard off the woodruff key