Clutch won't disengage on motorized bicycle



my tire runs free i think my clutch got loosen what can i do for my clutch can get how it was


Keenan Collins

I've got problems with my clutch to.I've tried everything but the chain binds up.No matter how I'd adjust the butter fly nut it seem to catch on idle lurch forward and let go.When it's in gear with the plug out the chain and sprockets roll fine smooth as a whistle.When I put the plug in in neutral the chain grabs and pulls the spring tensioner all the way down and it's binds.Its brand new I tried filing the teeth on the front sprocket still the same.What puzzles me is it turn so true with the plug out.Any ideas?


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Mar 22, 2019
spring tensioners will drive you crazy. when you pop start it the thing lets your chain's top run go utterly slack and floppy. think about ramming that floppy chain through that output sprocket's tiny clearance between the sprocket and the crankcase. hard. soooo close to cracking the case when it jams. ditch the spring tensioner and go stock and try it. i'll never, ever use a spring tensioner again. I came a whisker away from cracking my case it jammed so hard. it sucks because I like the spring tensioner otherwise. its a sound design,..right up until you need to start the thing. BOOM!!! --not good. you're getting warm,... like i was,..until I had my buddy w/me,...and he said that when I pop started the thing,.. it looked like my chain was about a foot too long!!!! it all came together and I went home and threw the spring tensioner into the swamp and installed the stock one. there is nothing wrong with the stock tensioner at all if you get it tight and right.

its not the clutch. its that dumb spring tensioner. go stock before you crack your case.
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